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Stainless steel program

box office or ticket office turntable ESTRAKASS
box office or ticket office small safe of ESTRATRES 2000 type

Till with turntable has been designed to serve to ticket offices and boxes, for example in car parks, public swimming pools, for sale of tickets for ski lifts etc. It is used in all cases when the question is sale for customers standing in open air or behind a separation wall. It is made of stainless steel The small money suitcase is executed as lockable and separable . It enables to carry away takinks separately.

safe and turntable safe and turntable

Technical parameters:

Separate turntable dimensions PT001 - width mm 484
- depth mm 460
- height mm 77
Separate turntable mass PT001 kg 8.5
Separate turntable dimensions PT002 - width mm 484
- depth mm 460
- height mm 92
Separate turntable dimensions PT003 - width mm 484
- depth mm 460
- height mm 110


Separate till dimensions - width mm 480
- depth mm 240
- height mm 94
Mass of separate till kg 6.5

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