Labit a.s., Nadrazni 472,  543 01 Vrchlabi 1, CZ   tel: +420 499 440 111

History of Labit a.s. joint-stock company

In 1667, a resident of Vrchlabí, Mr Kry¹tof Weiss established with a support by count Morzin the first paper mill in Vrchlabí in locality of grounds of present firm Labit, a.s. joint-stock company. From 1857, JERIE flax factory operated on the grounds. It was in existence up to 1927. After occupation in 1939 a conversion began of the spinning mill to a chemical industry plant. During the Second World War (in 1942) a factory of armaments industry was established under Berlin firm Friedrich Stolzenberg. It was started production of balancing equipment for aeroplanes and lately also parts for guided missiles V2. Several hundred of Russians, Poles, Frenchmen, Belgians and Dutchmen, prisoners of war sent to forced work worked in the factory. In 1945, was transferred under national administration, lately as national enterprise ZBROJOVKA BRNO. From 1953 the firm occupies itself with machine production under different names in the framework of TOS group of companies.

After revolution in 1989 a state joint-stock company TOS Hydraulika was founded on April 1, 1990. This company was privatized by coupon privatization method in the second privatization wave. The first general assembly of new owners was held on 1995. At this meeting of shareholders business name of the firm was changed to Labit, a.s. joint-stock company. Labit, a.s. company develops its own production programme based mostly on machine and electrotechnical production - see references on the other pages.

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