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Eccentric press LV080


eccentric press LV080

Press design:

vertical, single - point, single acting, high-speed with an adjustable press ram upstroke with a lower drive. The C-shaped press frame is made of quality gray cast iron. The press ram is moved in a rolling guiding. The press ram upstroke is adjusted by manual turning of the eccentric clamp bushing - by revolving the ball-shaped screw in the connecting rod. In the press ram there is a striking ejector with three pins which can be used, if need be, to strike out either by one pin in the center of the device clamping shank or by two marginal pins.


To stamp out and press small parts from metal sheets, especially m the progressive tool in mass and serial production where coils of sheet are used.

Drive arrangement:

Asynchronous motor with a variable speed gearbox, variable speed gear-box bell, flywheel, single-plate friction clutch combined with a brake, crank mechanism- press ram. Both the clutch and the brake are operated with compressed air.

Switching ON and control:

Electro-pneumatic - for one hand, both hands, foot operated or continual operation - by means of push-buttons on the press control pa-nel. Individual operation types are programmed in the control unit.


Oil - by means of manual lubrication tools.

Protective equipment:

Duplicated electromagnetic switchboard, pressure switch in the com-pressed air circuit, protective limit switches of covers, overload "shearing" fuse. Electrical equipment matches EN 954-1 CATEGORY 4

Optional accessories on order:

Foot-operated control.

Technical data

Nominal working power kN 80
Throat mm 110
Max. press ram distance from the table mm 160
Upstroke adjustability mm 6 to 50
Press ram adjustability mm 50
Upstroke frequency(can be changed continually) l/min. 224 (110 to 224)
Press ram area (L x D) mm 150 x 117
Clamping cavity in the press ram (diameter x D) mm 25H7 x 45
Table dimensions (W xD) mm 360 x 200
Fall-through hole dimensions (W x D x diameter) mm 100 x 80 x 60
Total weight kg 900
Total dimensions of the press (H x W x D) mm 1600 x 600 x 1030
Feeding V 3 NPE - 50Hz 400V/TN-S
Electric motor type 4AP 90 L-80 IM 1081 kW-RPM 0,75 / 685
Protection A 10
Air pressure MPa 0,6
Air consumption per l clutch switching dm 3 0,4
Power consumption W 850

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