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Labit a.s., Nadrazni 472,  543 01 Vrchlabi 1, CZ   tel: +420 499 440 111

Air-conditioning, exhausting, climatization, measurement and regulation

In the section of air-conditioning, exhausting, climatization, measurement and regulation
we can offer you:
  • projection
  • construction
  • make
  • assembly
  • service
  • revision

Air - conditioning

At our delivery of air-conditioning we can assure also making of several parts (four - square pipelines, fittings, transition pieces, canopies, etc.) besides own installation and assembly by our customer. We can equip our pipelines with lacework for rising of stiffness. We can deliver also pipelines from plastic materials, AlP or anticorrosive materials for special places.

We are able to deliver whatever air-conditioning unit of both Czech producers (for example REMAK a.s., ATREA s.r.o., JANKA Radotín a.s.) and foreign producers (for example GEA, FRIVENT, VTS CLIMA).

For our customers we can assure also service and revision at our equipment (for example cleaning and change of filters, cleaning of mouths, cone belt tension, etc.) and revision of fire valves (STAVOKLIMA v.o.s., MANDÍK, a.s., KOVONA KARVINA, Systemair a.s.).


At our delivery of climatization we can assure installation and assembly of climatization units with accessories by our own workers at individual customers.

We are able to deliver several units. From our antecedent action we can advise climatization units of this mark: SAMSUNG, TOSHIBA, CARRIER and ACSON.

We assure also service and control function at climatization equipments.

Measurement and regulation

At our delivery of regulation we can devise a solution for control of air - conditioning, heating, climatization and their combination. We can devise a solution, when you can control it from one or more switchboards or from a PC with a possibility of system controlling and changing of value by phone. We use particular parts of control system of both Czech firms for ex. ELSACO and foreign firms like SIEMENS, JOHNSON-CONTROLS, SAUTER, etc.

At the end

Particular commissions (delivery at customers) are realized by ahead processing item calculation from presentation project or by own proposal of solution with post-processing of project documentation. In case of building owner's interest we can offer also alternative (cheaper) solution against ahead project.

Our company is a chartered service for air - conditioning units and measurement and regulation of marks REMAK a.s. (system VENTO) and STAVOKLIMA v.o.s. (units FRIVENT) for northern and eastern Bohemia. In earlier time we realized delivery of air - conditioning and measurement and regulation for: supermarkets PENNY, hotels, restaurants, kitchens, several productive places, charging stations, glasshouse of botanical gardens, house of flats, and also surgeries for example Institute of hand surgery in Vysoke nad Jizerou, etc. In follows, that we realized air - conditioning, climatization, measurement and regulation of several types of places with several functional climes. Next information about realized actions from our program you can see in the list of reference realized action here.

Frivent Atrea s.r.o. Elektrodesign ventilatory s.r.o. Multi-VAC REMAK a.s.

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