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Exzenterpress LV045

exzenterpress LV045

Design execution:

Vertical, single point, single acting, high-speed, fitted with an adjustable press ram stroke. The press frame in C form is made of high-quality grey cast iron.


for cutting out and pressing small parts of metal sheet, particularly in a tool for cutting out and pressing small parts from coils of metal sheet in mass production and series production.

Drive arrangement:

A flywheel is driven by an asynchronous electric motor by means of two V-belts. Torsional moment, torque is then transferred by means of a pneumatic one-disk friction clutch combined with a brake. The flywheel is supported on antifriction bearings, the excentric shaft, connecting rod and press ram are slide mounted.

Starting-up and control:

Electropneumatic - for two hands, pedal-operated or remote. Two basic modes of operation, single strokes or continuous operation which are set on the control board.

Safety securing devices:

A doubled electromagnetic switchboard, pressure switch fitted in the compressed air distribution system, protection limit switches of covers. Shear safety pin as overloading protection.

Accessories to order:

Pedal switch.

Technical parameters

Nominal working force kN 45
Throat mm 120
Maximum distance of press ram from the table mm 220
Press ram adjustability mm 8 - 50
Stroke adjustability mm 30
Stroke frequency l/min. 180
Hole in press ram for tool shank (diameter / depth) mm 25H7 / 50
Table dimensions (width x depth) mm 400 x 240
Table height above the press base mm 170
Fall down hole size (width x depth) mm 100 x 80
Total mass kg 690
Over-all dimensions (height x width x depth) mm 1600 x 830 x 660
Feeding   3 NPE - 50Hz 400V/TN-S
Power input W 850
Elektromotor typ 4AP 90 S - 6 IM 1081 kW - r.p.m. 0,75 - 940
Protection A 2
Compressed air - pressure MPa 0
Flow rate l/min. 100

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